Production tips for shooting commercials

Making a commercial look great and stick with the people who see it is why they cost so much to make, since you need professionals to do them. There are so many different parts and aspects that one needs to get right and they all need to be perfect in order for the commercial to be great. It is much harder to make then than to shoot movies, documentaries or TV series, because there is not much room for mistakes. It can take up to a week to shoot a simple 10 second long commercial, especially if there are factors that you cannot control, like the weather.

Handy tips for every commercial producer

First of all, you will need to set your story, make sure it is easy to understand and everyone will get it, but also smart and not plainly 'buy our product because it is good'. Then you need to make a script where you will write about every detail which is important, from the wall color and how the flowers in the background need to look, to the actors and what they need to say. This is the most important part and the one that will give the commercial potential to be legendary.

Shooting the actual commercial takes a huge team of people where everyone is required to take care of a special aspect. If you are the one producing the commercial, then you will need to make sure everything is just great, since you are the one who had the vision. Make sure the ending is quite strong and leaves an impression, because that is the most memorable part. Great music is just as important as what the actors say, it needs to be on point, delivered well and easy to remember. For the end you will need to also have a still image, which is for sure, the most important thing, because viewers will analyze it into details.